środa, 7 lutego 2018

HLSLexplorer is out!


Finally! For the last few months, I've been quite absent.
Now when I have some free time I'm pleased to share with you with first public beta version of HLSLexplorer (internally known as D3DShaderDisassembler) :)

Quick user guide:

In the left window you type some HLSL and in the right you get its assembly once you hit F6.
Most of compilation options are up to you in the lower panel - you can hide/show it with F5.
There is a possibility to save & load presets. To start quickly you can select from "Insert" menu some simple pixel/vertex/compute shader.
You can also load from "File" menu different d3dcompiler dll.

In general, this tool has proved to be really useful for me. I've learned a lot about HLSL assembly and could reverse engineer some shaders from Witcher 3 - check out my older posts if you are interested: tone mappingeye adaptationchromatic aberration.

Download binaries from here: http://bit.ly/2nPFofZ
Source code & github repo will be available soon.

One more thing: I'm completely aware that in its current state, HLSLexplorer is far from being usable. I will be very thankful for any feedback / feature requests / suggestions / bug reports.
Contact me via twitter or mail: mnagorka96 {at}{popular-mail-from-Google}.com

I hope that at least a few of you will like it.


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